N260GTX Dual-fan Graphics Card series unveiled by MSI

  • MSI, a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, experienced quite a bit of recognition for their N260GTX series of graphic cards. Hence MSI have gone ahead and launched a new generation of N260GTX graphics cards which feature two fans and a quintuple heat-pipe design, named Twin Frozr.

    The graphics card features a dual-fan design in which the speed of the fans is automatically controlled to regulate the core temperature to a constant. The two fans provide high-end cooling and act as a safety net to each other in case one fan stops working properly. In a first for the industry, the quintuple heat-pipe design makes an appearance.
    The new generation N260GTX cards have 100 percent solid state capacitors which have a longer lifetime than the electrolytic ones and can deal with higher frequencies better. Also, there is no off chance that the capacitors will leak as solid state capacitors are not filled with any liquid material as are the electrolytic ones, providing greater stability.
    The dual fan MSI N260GTX is compatible with Nvidia PhysX acceleration technology and DirectX 10. The card also features 896 MB of 448 bit DDR3 memory and is best suited for the serious gamer. Some time ago, MSI had announced their GT627 Gaming Notebook.

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