Apple Now Sells-Rents HD Movies via iTunes

  • Removes 10MB OTA podcast download cap

    Apple has announced the sale and rentals of HD movies through the iTunes Store. Apart from that, Apple has also removed the 10MB cap for over-the-air podcast download for iPhone 3G.

    After High-Definition TV shows, now, blockbuster movies in HD quality can be purchased from the iTunes Store. Costing $19.99 (Rs. 1020 approx.), the HD movies were available only on rental basis previously.

    Like the TV shows, it's being presumed that the HD movies would have H.264 compressed 720p resolution quality. The HD movie purchase option will be available with HD files and also standard definition files for the iPhone/iPod.

    Quantum of Solace and Twilight are the two HD movies that would be available for $14.99 for pre-order from March 21. Now, we have to wait and see if Apple will introduce a subscription-based scheme to compete with the existing digital movie download services like Netflix.

    Earlier, for iPhone 3G users, the over-the-air podcast download limit using 3G networks was capped at 10MB. As per iPhone OS 3.0 developers, now, iPhone owners can download over-the-air podcasts that are more than 10MB in size.

    The 10MB cap for over-the-air application download using 3G still exists for App Store applications.