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    If something is destructive or not depends on the circumstances though. If there is no need to keep these informations available, there is nothing wrong with working on one layer. People who paint often use one layer and just paint on top or merge them after painting on another to see if something works out.

    If you wanted someone else to work on something it would be destructive, but if you are the only person using it and you are sure of what you are doing there is nothing wrong with it.

    Also there is a big difference between expressing yourself and being disrespectful. And the way you communicate it is definitely in a tone that is leaning towards disrespectful. If you feel like you can talk down on us, feel free to do so. But I guess this was my last tag on here.

    tbh if I always have to wonder whether the rules of a fun battle seem acceptable for people that don't even take a part in it, then I don't wanna battle here at all...

    I have never once seen people criticize the rules of a battle. It's ok if you dislike the rules, it's ok if you don't want to be a part in it. It is okay to even ask in a calm and respectful manner "hey, are you sure everyone followed the rules? Because I am not sure and just want everyone to have a fair battle". But how you guys communicated it seems disrespectful not only towards me, but the people I had this battle with and I trust that they follow the rules.

    (plus trying something new once in a while can help you gain new perspective on creative processes...but I guess if you are to narrow-minded these possibilities will not come to mind)

    I have to say the whole feedback is very valid. Also since you guys seperated english and german anyway with the possibility of choosing the language I think it definitely would make sense to translate more to german in the german style. Rest is done very well and I love the concept. Good job Mai! ♥

    I like this a lot! The smudge looks cleaner and I like the right side a lot. I think the left side could use a bit of work but good job.

    Ah okay, I see. Well it's cool that you test yourself and experiment a lot alone. But don't feel shy to look at tutorials sometimes. After all you don't have to learn everything by yourself and sometimes it can even inspire you to try something new! :)

    Anyway, looking forward to your next tag :3

    I definitely have to agree. This is the best tag I've seen from you so far. I definitely like that in this one is more contrast than in your tags before, makes it pop more. Good job. The fx are cool but look kinda low quality at some places. If you have a part you do not like of certain ressources you can easily make a layer mask and just make it invisible. The advantage of using a layer mask is that if you later decide you wanna make it appear again you can easily do so. So maybe try that to make more conscious decisions where you wanna have what of our current resource c:

    Keep it up though, you are definitely improving c:

    I kinda dig it, seems cool. the background could use a bit of polishing work though. I don't see a clear flow throughout the tag and my eyes are kinda wandering around restless. I think you smudged in the backgroudn, right? maybe give that a bit more of a clear structure and make it just a tiny bit cleaner and you are good to go. If you use this many colors though I think you really need the rest to be a bit clearer and less chaotic, so it's easier to look at.
    Cool tag though, I still like it and hope you keep it up :D

    aaaaaah okay now I get where you are coming from. if you wanna pursue that style I suggest you go look for a few tutorials for that style. I can maybe provide you with a few links in a private message later when I got back from work :)

    Also dont worry about your english, it's fine. I understand german also, so if you are more comfortable with answering in german you can do that. My written german is just way too bad I think so I am writing english to tell you more accurately what I think xdd so I totally get u

    hi, me again lmao.

    idk how to feel about it. think you could crop the tag since its kinda big but thats my personal preference. Seems low quality to me which is kinda sad. You need to either pay more attention to not using low quality resources so prominently, or try not to scale something down to scale it back up again, as things loose quality then too. The top left side just seems very empty compared to the rest where there's so much going on. Try to balance this a bit more. I dislike the glowing light that goes around the render. I liked the idea too when I first started out, but sadly it doesn't fit into most tags. Also if you do that you have to keep in mind that it's a light source and for that none of the light is on the render. Or at least not very visible to me.

    Keep it up though and keep experimenting, you'll get there.

    Nice, definitely getting better. Feel the same as lexo. you should kick the typo and make the tear just a tad bit smaller. Maybe throw in a color balance after to make the colors pop a bit more. Keep it up though!